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Energy is the basic entity of every living or non-living object is this universe and every object that has energy has an aura which surrounds it. Aura has seven different types of energy layers that have an imprint of the emotions and desires. These energy layers are directly related to the emotional, mental, karmic, spiritual and divine health that can be decoded through specific color they have.

Aura photography is taken to gain the actual information and insight of the energy in the form of a color spectrum using a specific kind of bio-energic sensor. The aura scanning procedure can reveal the quality of your body and life, so you can have actual insight that is extremely beneficial and individualistic.


Numbers have become an important part of everyone’s life, career, education, finance, etc.. Based on the date of birth, every person has own numbers and ruling planets that have a great impact on his/her life. Here, numerology comes as a self-help method that helps them to know the positive and negative aspects of their birth number. So that they can be familiar with what to add in life and what to subtract! With a perfect report of your numerology, you can surely achieve prosperity, peace, and success with minimal efforts.

Consult our professionals today to get a detailed report of your numerology pattern so you can determine the best time to take major steps in your life like when to marry, travel, invest, change jobs, or relocate.


In various cultures, crystals have a long history of use in physical, emotional and spiritual uplifting. All the three-dimensional transparent stones i.e. crystals are the home of various forms of positive energy from cosmos. Each crystal has its own power of affecting the surroundings to create them stable and relax. These crystals are also appreciated as the common measure for Vastu correction as these are known to keep the negative vibes away from the interiors and exteriors. If you too are want to avail a simple solution for balancing the life energy in your home or office, we will consult you about how you can restore the positive energy by stimulating the nearby atmosphere.