BARANAS - Healing crystals, high quality crystal jewelry with aura scanning facility

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Our story

We are leading suppliers of Reiki Healing Products, Crystal Healing Products, Healing Crystals, Precious and Semi-Precious Stones and essentials for Buddhist monks.

We are offering the services of Numerology Consulatation, 3D Aura Scanning and Crystal Vastu Consultation.

We mainly provide crystal healing products, healing crystals and precious and semi precious stones.

Through Numerology Conultation and Aura scanning we recognize positive and negative energies to help attract health,wealth,luck, prosperity,love, peace and harmony in life, hone and offices by using our crystal remedies. Such as crystal bracelets, crystal necklaces, Tumbled stones and Vastu Metaphysical Crystals products.

Deshamaanya Bhanuka Gunasekara is a Practitioner, Consultant and Facilitator of various modalities like Crystal Healing, Numerology and Crystal Vastu.

He has a massive experience on Numerology, Crystal healing and Vastu Consultation to reach an individual towards Luck and Prosperity by placement of Crystal stones/Crystals and recommend to wear crystal bracelets or necklaces.