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Incense Items

Incense Sticks

Incense is aromatic materials that release fragrant smoke when burned.Incense sticks also known as Agarbathi in which an incense paste is rolled around a bamboo stick are the main forms in India.Our all incense products contains all natural ingredients and has a beautiful scents.Incenses are used for aesthetic reason in therapy ,meditation and ceremonies etc..Use natural incense products to get a pleasing aura around you.

Incense pots

This Incense pots is used for burning incense sticks ,cones and powder incense.The smoke escapes through the vented lid creating a beautiful fragrance.These incense pots hold the incense in a right manner to collect all the ash and remain after the incense has burnt.We have a nice collection of incense pots made with ceramic and metals.You can choose any color and any size as you like.These lovely designs and vibrant colors gives a great beauty to your home,bedrooms etc...